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Saturday, September 29, 2012

DAY 7 of the Viva las Vegas Design Team Halloween Hop

                                                       All Hallows Eve

I Love the detail in these stamps

Stamps used:

I used the Tree Writing collage from plate 1429 as the backgrownd.
I next used the Facial Features.  I added parts of the nested gears on 
top of that.  I used India Ink on this card and did highlights
with Copic pens.

Facial Features 
 item no.14326  

 Nested Gears 
item no. 18077 

      Tree Writing collage
 item no. 1894
Plate no.

   Haunted House

I hoped these close ups help you see the details.

Haunted House
item no.12754

I used print paper stamping with India Ink.

Friday, September 28, 2012

DAY 6 of our Viva las Vegastamps! Halloween Design team Blog Hop!!

   I will always be thankful to him for saving me from the Gorilla!

             Tim's Haunted House Die:

Wandering with Tim!

Background is made with the T.H. gear embossing plate.
Then inked with brown ink.  Haunted house and 31 sizzix 
die cuts.  Embellishments also by T.H.

"Igor"    item no. 7049


With this house I cut some of the window dividers
to allow for larger stamps.

"Mustache Features"           "Nevermore"              "Faded Raven"
item number 8095                    item number 19813  item number 18912

"Poe House"



"Halloween Trio" item no.16850 
"Poe" tem no. item no.  18268 
  "Facial Features"  item no. 14326 
   "Lady with the  flowing scarf"  item no. 17577

I stamped the "Halloween Trio"  and cut two of the boys out, 
to place behind window openings.  
With the "Facial Features"  I stamped an eye only.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Festive Friday Christmas Card Blog Hop

We WITCH it was Christmas
don't you?


Stamps by Character Creatioins...and  colored with chalks

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DAY 5: Vivalasvegastamps Halloween Blog Hop


I love these little guys with their pumpkins!

Card 1:  I stamped out the "Halloween Trio" on Print  paper and 
Orange  Cardstock.  I cut the pumpkins from the Orange
paper and over laid them on the original stamped
design and adhered it to the black Matting

Watch out for those spiders boys!

Wow, what a big Pumpkin you have!

Card 2:  I again stamped the design
on the Kraft paper I used here as a background
and the Orange paper. I also stamped
using the Pumpkin stamp on the same paper
I cut out all  of the pumpkins.
With the  Large pumpkin  I also stamped on
the background of the card for placement
and to give it a stem.  All of the pumpkins
have been adhered with foam tape.

Momento tuxedo black ink
Dry Adhesive
double stick foam tape
card stock matting paper
orange and Black
Print paper for back ground
paper cutter
*stamps below

Box 1 of.....many.  This box features my Halloween
stamp collection!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vivalasvegastamps! Halloweeen Blog Hop

Day 4:  Frank n Friend

Supplies:  Corrugated Paper
                    Back ground paper
                 Black Cars Stock
                                  Momento Tuxedo Black Ink
                Green Cardstock
                            Flesh colored Cardstock

Cut the size of cardboard you want to use on your card.
Take upper corner of the corrugated paper  and slowly 
peel the front layer until you have the size opening you
need for Frank.

Stamp Frank on Green Cardstock and cut out.
Stamp Igor on Flesh colored cardstock and cut out.

When you have the corrugated cardboard pulled away in
the corner insert Frank's Little Green head in
the opening and stick him down with adhesive!

Put Igor and his word bubble on top of the cardboard
and adhere with foam stamps.

Vivalasvegastamps! Halloween Blog Hop Day 3

 Quote the Raven "Nevermore"

Supplies:            "Faded Raven" stamp item no. 18912
              "Poe" stamp item no. 18268
                  "nevermore" stamp no.  18913
                                    Print Kraft paper for Card back ground
                Black cardstock for matting
                      Print paper to put behind image
                     Solid Kraft paper for Stamping
               Momento tuxedo black Ink

Card 1.  Stamp poe and the Raven on print kraft paper
cut out Raven.

 Card 2.Stamp the Raven and Nevermore onto Kraft paper.

The papers I used were by Canvas Core and Graphic 45.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Vivalasvegastamps! Halloween Blog Hop

             Momma don't let your little COWGIRLS grow up
                                                  to be WITCHES

                                                  WILD WITCHES

Two Cowgirls                 Party hat
       item no.18784            item no. 12218


I cut out the cowgirls and including the tops of their hats.

The clown hat was also cut out .   I stamped it on the back side of the paper and then trimmed
off the brim. Cutting off the the little puffs of the hat.  I then turned it over and
 giving me a witches hat to put under the brim of the Cowgirl hats.

I used Cowboy rub ons and pre printed alphabet letters alternating
with and without foam tape.

The background Spider paper is from Graphic 45.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vivalasvegastamps! Design Team Halloween Blog Hop

....."Party Moon"

All Hallows Eve!!!!

Supplies needed:  these two stamps listed  

                                                         Party Moon item no.2265

This stamp is so versital.  I have even used it for Christmas.  I am thinking this would be a great
for New Years Eve.

All Hallows Eve item number 18915

 or Plate no.1429

I own this plate and have used every stamp on it.  Consider checking
out the plates.  They give you so many stamps for such a low

             Supplies continued:
  Paper for back ground
  Momento Black tie ink
                Color marking pen:  for ribbons
                                   in the color of your choice

Happy Haunting!!!

On this card I used the Nested Gears inked in one area only.
 To make the gear around
the 31

I made several pumpkins and colored them with copic ink
to match the ribbons.  I stamped directly on the back ground
paper which then gasve the pumpkins stems and a placement
for me when I was ready to add the pumpkins.  The pumpkins
are given dimension with foam tape.

item no. 18904
Plate no. 1433

Stamp supplies :

item no. 18918
or plate no. 1429

item no. 18626

Happy Haunting
no. 18918
or plate no. 1433

Nesting gears
item no.18077
                                      Paper (remember you can use a light Print
                                    paper also, as you see I do.)
       Momento Black tie ink

Do you like the roses??