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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vivalasvegastamps! Design Team Halloween Blog Hop

....."Party Moon"

All Hallows Eve!!!!

Supplies needed:  these two stamps listed  

                                                         Party Moon item no.2265

This stamp is so versital.  I have even used it for Christmas.  I am thinking this would be a great
for New Years Eve.

All Hallows Eve item number 18915

 or Plate no.1429

I own this plate and have used every stamp on it.  Consider checking
out the plates.  They give you so many stamps for such a low

             Supplies continued:
  Paper for back ground
  Momento Black tie ink
                Color marking pen:  for ribbons
                                   in the color of your choice

Happy Haunting!!!

On this card I used the Nested Gears inked in one area only.
 To make the gear around
the 31

I made several pumpkins and colored them with copic ink
to match the ribbons.  I stamped directly on the back ground
paper which then gasve the pumpkins stems and a placement
for me when I was ready to add the pumpkins.  The pumpkins
are given dimension with foam tape.

item no. 18904
Plate no. 1433

Stamp supplies :

item no. 18918
or plate no. 1429

item no. 18626

Happy Haunting
no. 18918
or plate no. 1433

Nesting gears
item no.18077
                                      Paper (remember you can use a light Print
                                    paper also, as you see I do.)
       Momento Black tie ink

Do you like the roses??


  1. WOW! Fabulous!!! Love the combination of the ribbon moon with the Halloween sentiment. Thanks for sharing versatility of images with a holiday twist!

  2. Love the contrast of the color on the Black and White!!! Ditto Susan!!

  3. The newsprint really sets off your wonderful art!!! I just found another pumpkin I HAVE to have!!! I adore that moon and one day will have it as well. Can you tell your post has my mojo running!?

  4. love stamping on text paper! great card

  5. Wow what a beautiful card. I love the choice of background paper. I have the gear set stamp, but would have never thought of doing that with it. I love addition of the popped up pumpkins. Excellent job! I love the roses. Can't wait! tfs Tami

  6. Love the use of text in the background!

  7. Great orange ribbons and really like the pumpkins!!

  8. I love what you did with this piece!

  9. Beautiful job with the stamps! I love that you pointed out how versatile these stamps are!

  10. Love the flowers and the stamps...

  11. Love your use of the images!


  12. I am just over the moon in love with your cards & all your heart art put onto your cards.